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The LGBTQuibble – Simon VS The Homo Sapiens Agenda

Simon VS The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli 

This review will DEFINITELY contain spoilers.

I read this book back in March, at the beginning of my LGBT+ fiction exploration venture. I found it on Amazon, and immediately fell in love with the synopsis.

Let me introduce you to the main character – Simon (who’d have guessed?), a sixteen year old gay boy, who’s in a relationship with the mysterious Blue. He met Blue online, and although Blue goes to his school, Simon has no idea of his identity.

This is going to be a spoiler packed review, come to think of it…

But in any case, ‘Blue’ turns out to be Bram. Bram is possibly the cutest smol cinnamon roll in the entire novel. I love him so much, he’s definitely my favourite character. Also, he’s black, which just makes this story even more realistic.

Have you ever noticed the lack of black LGBT+ characters in fiction? I have, so Albertalli adding this insignificant detail immediately made this story that little bit more amazing.

There’s a whole segment of the story that revolves around Simon believing that Blue is Cal, another attractive high school boy that appears to be into Simon. However, of course this doesn’t turn out to be the case. This scenario accurately portrays how dreams can be very different to reality, and sometimes even how those dreams can be surpassed by reality.

There are many other characters that play a pivotal role in the story, mostly Simon’s sister Abby and his friend Leah. These characters are both supportive and encouraging of Simon’s sexual orientation, in a way that all LGBT+ people need.

The thought on the back cover that: “Straight people should come out too. The more awkward the better.” Is an opinion that I share, so I immediately connected to Simon once I read this quote.

Let me explain – those of you reading who identify as heterosexual don’t truly understand the problems and pain surrounding coming out. If you’re someone that prefers not to label themselves, then you are forced to give one to the person you are coming out to so they can out you in a neat little box. And even if you do use labels to identify yourself, you are still forced to put up with negative reactions, homophobic comments and bullying.

Whilst on this subject, I feel like I need to address a certain point. You don’t have to come out. You can turn up to the next family dinner with your new girlfriend/boyfriend/other and let your parents and siblings live with it. Because that’s what should happen, in my view. No one should have to come out.

I will talk about this further in another blog post, but for now I will move on to my overall rating and feeling about Simon VS The Homo Sapiens Agenda.

I loved this book. Again… It’s a 5 star. Could anything have been done better? Honestly, no!

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