Turning The Page

I’m standing outside a massive building, feeling kind of out of place with a slightly-too-nerdy t-shirt and far too lurid shoes. I know no one, and this is painfully obvious. My eyes resemble Dracula with a hangover, and it’s blatant that I’d just stopped crying.

And thus begins my first day of Sixth Form…

It wasn’t as bad as that first paragraph makes it out, I swear. I met some cool people (even though I only talked to about five people in the entire day) and I signed up for probably too many extra curriculars (the aforementioned include the LGBT+ club, a feminist society and a student newspaper).

My timetable is practically crammed, considering I’m studying four subjects, and I can’t wait to get into the library and just run my fingertips along the spines of the books. Tomorrow I have French, Medieval History and German, and I am honestly extremely excited for all of them.

I’m slightly annoyed that I don’t have Archaeology until Wednesday (they changed their minds about running Russian so I picked up the next best option), because that’s something completely new that I’m taking up. I’m starting completely from scratch, which will be absolutely brilliant.

…I nerded out there.

Excuse me, I just need a moment to calm my racing heart. Archaeology really gets me going.

This post has suddenly become a whole lot more dirty than I intended it to be…

But anyway.

I just want to thank everyone. My friends, my family, everyone – you know who you are. I know I’m a complete and utter mess sometimes, and I spout some real crap, but you’re all always there for me, even though you don’t need to be.

Thank you all so much.

Love you.

I’ll be posting a slightly tongue in cheek stationary post next, even though I literally got everything from Tesco… Welcome to my life.

I don’t know when that’ll be up, honestly. But hopefully soon. Cross fingers…

This blog is just trash now.

Sorry about that.


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