Short Stories, writing

Untitled – 11/9/16

She was a Lego girl, made of building blocks and the fumbling fingers of small children, tripping over words and colours and giggles.

The bricks are only as strong as the people that put them together, the words given out and the blows dealt. The cracks were starting to show, but she hid them from the world with a beaming smile and a clear face.

It’s easier to pull things apart than put them back together. Destroying one subject to make another, boredom drawing people away from projects. Nothing’s linear, everything fluctuates. Nothing can stay, everything must change.

You can stick them together with superglue, or cement, but it will crack and crumble over time. They say time heals, but it truly only destroys. There’s no way to go back, or forward, or sideways. It’s too linear for that, always in a straight line, leaving a multitude of shadows of past grievances and mistakes.

Some things are worth getting your heart broken for. Even if you know it’s going to happen eventually, it’s still a journey, something worth risking yourself for. Especially when it gives you so much joy, so much hope.

And maybe, in a way, we’re all heading towards it. So in that way, we’re not alone. Everyone we walk past in the street has experienced it, the insurmountable ache in your heart. The numbness in your fingers, the urge to punch a wall. The knowing, niggling feeling in your mind that tells you that some day, one day, this won’t matter.

But it will matter to you, you know that, another voice says. It’ll always be weighing on your heart. The extra scar on your soul. The knowledge that in some capacity, they’re gone.

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