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Emma Blackery Live


Last night (or last night on the day I’m writing this, which is 27th October 2016), I saw Emma Blackery live at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, which was just as bloody amazing as it sounds.

It was quite small, which is good considering that it was my first concert and I was very nervous beforehand. I can’t deal with crowds very well, and I often panic when I’m separated from the people I’m with. My friends were also brilliant with this, they made sure to stick next to me for the entire time and were really supportive and kept making sure that I was okay.

But previous nerves aside – to the main event. Emma Blackery is a musician that’s maybe most well known for her YouTube channel. Before you start harping on about cliches of YouTubers moving to musical careers, her life’s goal was to be a singer, which just made me even more determined to listen to her perform live.

I am a massive fan of her, I’ve had a not-so-small crush on her for the past three years, and her music is inspirational and truly brilliant. I would love to meet her face to face one day, but I didn’t have the cash for a VIP pass so I made do with what I could do.

I DID BUY A T-SHIRT THOUGH! They’d sold out of medium so I had to get a large, but it looks amazing so I’m not complaining. I regret not getting any more merch, but I’m resigning myself to wait until Emma’s online merch shop is back up. (Edit: I just checked and it’s back up online!)


But basically, on the way there, it was my friend who’s stepmum was taking us in the front seat, and then me in the middle of the back with my two other friends squeezing me from either side. That makes me sound like I only have three friends. Which is sadly, very accurate.

Three people in the backseat, eating chicken nuggets and talking about people who make out in school. Ah, life is great sometimes. But seriously, they’re awesome people. I love them so much, and I’m so lucky to call them my friends.

The supporting act was Arthur Walwin (@walwinmusic), who is an amazing artist as well. Definitely check out his music, I’m obsessed with it. I’ve been following his work on YouTube for some time, since he produced Emma’s latest EP and plays in her back up band. We were at the back half of the line (because the person who was driving us got lost on the way due to shitty GPS and too many areas where you couldn’t u-turn), so he was already playing when we walked in.

It was an amazing atmosphere. I can’t describe it, I really can’t, but you’ll know what I mean if you’ve been to a concert before. The bass was turned up really, really loud (I’m all about that bass, yanno) and it was mostly screaming. I knew all the words to most of the songs that Emma played, which was awesome.

It’s also really awkward being the only person for about three rows that sings along to every song, but I’m that kind of girl, I guess. I’m just a sad person with no life and three friends.

But there you have it. My first concert experience. Or the one where I fangirl over a (really hot) 24 year old woman who will probably never notice me. But seriously, I’m in love with her.

But anyway.

Links, oh so helpful links: 

@emmablackery (I couldn’t be bothered to embed this into the spiel above, sue me, I’m lazy)

Emma’s YouTube Channel

Arthur’s YouTube Channel

I think that’s it… But I can’t recommend their music more, I really can’t. It’s truly amazing.

Ellie xxx

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