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The LGBTQuibble: Unboxed

This review will contain spoilers (as usual). This is so much more than just a book about a LGBT+ character, before I even begin to try and review this novel. It's way more than that - it's multi faceted and well written and simply amazing. It's got so many layers to it, but I chose… Continue reading The LGBTQuibble: Unboxed

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The Reviewing Reel: Making It Up As I Go Along

I hadn't actually heard of Marian Keyes at all before I walked into Morrisons on that fateful evening, waiting for my train to arrive at the station so I could finally get home, after a very long and very tiring day. I had resolved to buy myself some food, but that went out of the window as… Continue reading The Reviewing Reel: Making It Up As I Go Along

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The Reviewing Reel: Girl Online

Well, this book was... interesting. Let me explain, before people accuse me of 'judging a book by its cover' and 'being unfairly biased against a YouTuber I dislike for no particular reason'. I have no problem with the author herself - who, for those of you who are unaware, is the insanely popular beauty vlogger… Continue reading The Reviewing Reel: Girl Online



Yes, that is a word that I just made up. I just Googled it, to check if it was a certified Oxford English Dictionary definition, but nothing came up. This proves that I am creative and willing to put my entire (fictional) writing career on the line for one, tiny, little made up word. Empathetication… Continue reading Empathitication

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Missing Out The Elephant In The Room

I've decided that I really, really hate college. And not because of the work, either. In fact I rather like that, it's not too arduous and although I get far too much, it's somewhat fun. It's more that I feel like I'm being constantly told that I need to be a 'mature, responsible adult' by now. Everyone… Continue reading Missing Out The Elephant In The Room

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And So It Begins…

November means: National Novel Writing Month! Yes, I have begun my novel writing. Yes, I am already late, especially considering that I took a day off college today due to a slight cold thats knocked me down more than it should have. Although, I am already 2,025 words in (and pending!), so it's not going… Continue reading And So It Begins…