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Missing Out The Elephant In The Room

I’ve decided that I really, really hate college.

And not because of the work, either. In fact I rather like that, it’s not too arduous and although I get far too much, it’s somewhat fun.

It’s more that I feel like I’m being constantly told that I need to be a ‘mature, responsible adult’ by now. Everyone seems like they’re growing up really fast now that we’re all in a different level of the education system.

For example, in England you can start learning to drive when you’re seventeen. So, naturally, all my friends are all getting driving lessons and cars for their birthday and Christmas presents, because it’s a ‘big deal’. Although really, you’re just contributing to air pollution and adding another vehicle to the madness already on the roads.

I mentioned to a friend that I didn’t want to drive today – and he was, probably rightly, pretty shocked. A car gives you freedom, it gives you a status unbeknownst to children. But I just don’t want to drive, maybe because I’m anxious at best and my worst is something that shouldn’t be anywhere near a road, let alone driving a car.

And lets be honest, only a crazy person would let someone like me anywhere near the steering wheel.


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