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The Reviewing Reel: Making It Up As I Go Along


I hadn’t actually heard of Marian Keyes at all before I walked into Morrisons on that fateful evening, waiting for my train to arrive at the station so I could finally get home, after a very long and very tiring day.

I had resolved to buy myself some food, but that went out of the window as soon as I saw the books that the supermarket had to offer. Especially as they were all half price. Everything seems to be half price at the moment, though. But I digress.

So I got this for the price of £4, which is actually 0.05 of a pence too much to be exactly half price (damn you, Morrisons!). I thought the cover looked aesthetic, and orange is one of my favourite colours too. And it was something for me to read on the train home.

Three/four weeks later, I finally finished it, and I have things to say, and opinions to give.

First of all: it’s a pretty beautiful book. It smells good, it looks good, and the front cover is… I can’t even describe it without the ‘okay’ emoji hand, and that’s something. I have words for a lot of things. This, is not one of them.

And the actual writing is great. Marian Keyes writes pretty well, honestly… Depressingly well. I’ve mentioned how well she writes before in Empathitication, so that kind of envy from me should come as no real surprise. I’m resigned to the life of a mediocre teen angst author, and she’s written about 30 books.

Aaah, jealousy, my favourite weapon of mass destruction.

But honestly, I did enjoy reading her dispatches. Part of what caught my eye was the phrase ‘notes from a small woman’ on the cover, which will ring to a bell to any discerning Bill Bryson fans in the audience. Unfortunately, Bill Bryson does not feature anywhere throughout, and I was left slightly miffed.

I also couldn’t connect with her like I can some writers and authors, because she’s about 50 and I’m not even 17 yet (not long though, as I like to remind my mother). She’s also into everything I’m not, which is makeup, mainly.

But as that’s more just differences in the author to myself, and had no bearing on my overall enjoyment, I put it aside. She was also quite enlightening in many areas, and she touched on some things so lightly that I barely realised the weight of them in the longer term.

I will definitely be trying to find her blog and her other books, and I’ll definitely be reading them the next chance I get. I loved her writing style, it was really easy to read, and although it took me so long to finally finish, I was never bored. I didn’t wholly agree with her though, and I didn’t entirely ‘recognition’ her, like the back cover told me that I’d be able to do.

So… a 4/5? Maybe more like a 3.6, but I’m trying to stay away from tricky decimals. That part of my life is far behind me now.



Marian Keyes’s blog can be found here, and her Twitter is @MarianKeyes

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