I have nothing else to post, update


What happened in 2016?

  • I got a boyfriend (Context: he’s great, he’s also probably reading this. Hi, by the way. Go do your school work, damn you)
  • I did my GCSEs (Thank fuck)
  • I’m in sixth form (Aka a hell hole that I’ll probably never recover from. Have had seventeen meltdowns already. It’s going fine)
  • I did NCS (Back in July/August. Which was enjoyable, but I never finished it. That shit’s still going on my CV though)
  • I ended up coming out to my entire family and pretty much ALL my friends (The worst part is explaining, trust me, at least if you’re gay you don’t have to explain that you like cock)
  • My friendship group changed (Although I wouldn’t swap my friends for anyone)
  • I got rejected once (Long, awkward story. Won’t recount it. You don’t want to hear it)
  • I got a girlfriend (Technically fake, but I say it isn’t so people won’t question my romantic orientation when I say I’m currently dating a straight cisgender male)
  • I rejected someone once (Again… Long story. Not going to explain it)
  • I started a blog – this blog! (Enough said, I think)
  • I joined Twitter (The same day as I got together with my boyfriend, funnily enough. Something nobody ever needed to know)
  • I’ve made IMPORTANT DECISIONS and I just recently realised that I made BAD DECISIONS that I will regret for the remainder of my life (Wish I took English Lit…)

And my resolutions for 2017!

  • Five months was fun. How about six? Or even a year? (I’m sure we can do it, we’re goals, and when you properly love someone you’re not about to give up after five short months)
  • Keep Blogging! (This shit’s fun)
  • Write. More. (But of course – I’m trying to get money for it too so I don’t have to get a part-time job with sixth form)
  • Don’t fail your A-Levels, Ellie, or your mocks (Yup… That’s a worry)
  • Write more poetry (I recently started watching Lucy Moon’s YouTube channel and I am so in love with her, I want to emulate her poetic style so much)
  • Keep on top of things (Heh… on top)
  • Get a job or some money or something so you stop worrying so much about your future (I hope it works out this time. I’m going shopping with my friend next weekend and I’m going to try and get Waterstones to hire me when they see how many books I’ll be buying)
  • Keep being a badass motherfucker

AND THAT GOES FOR ALL OF YOU! Thank you so much for reading my blog, following me, following me on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Goodreads, anything! You’re all amazing people, and I’m so happy with the way that this blog has been going so far. I hope to make a lot more book reviews and book related posts in the future, so look out for those. 

Special thanks to my boyfriend for being a major impact on my motivation for the latter half of 2016, and falling for me as much as I’ve fallen for him; and all my friends for constantly being here for me and letting me use them as headrests on train journeys home. 

2016 wasn’t great for celebrities or politics, but good vibes only, always. I wish you all the very best for 2017!

Ellie xxx

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