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Ellie Downsizes Her Books: Prelude In B Flat

If you know me well, or if you’ve ever read these blog posts that I do, then you’ll know that I have A LOT of books.

In fact, at last count, I have some 80+ books on my TBR pile, and it’s probably not going to get any smaller unless I do something about it, and quickly.

So. Here it is. #bookunhaul, if you like. Although, this will probably be a lengthy process, and one filled with pain and even more book collecting, so it’s more a #bookgradualunhaul.

But Ellie! I hear you cry, as you sit reading this post, wondering how on earth you managed to get to this dark hole of the internet. You’re young! You’re foolish! You can survive with this many books, can’t you? You’re too attached to them all to get rid of them, right?

I will admit, I don’t want to be getting rid of my books, at all. But I think I probably have to. I own about 400 books, not counting the ones I have in ebook edition, and I am slowly approaching the time when I will go off to university, and have to box the majority of my books up and leave them in my family’s capable hands.

I can’t make them store all the ones I have at present, especially because my younger sister will probably take my room (hers is pretty small at the moment, and I feel bad for being the eldest sibling and taking the bigger room when we first moved here), and she won’t want the almost seventeen years of books I have accumulated.

She has her own book related problems too, I assure you. I was just chatting to her and she has all our old, unwanted Jacqueline Wilson books on her shelves, which is just unfair; with a third sibling under the age of ten, we shouldn’t be the ones housing the more childish books that we have both grown out of.

But I digress. I want to start downsizing early, so I won’t get to the summer after Year Thirteen and have to face my parents in a two hour showdown whilst they go through the books they are willing to store for me. I am planning to get some money, buy a bigger student flat thing (sorry, I am an uneducated sixth form student, please help) and store as many books as I can there, but 400 books just ain’t gonna fit.

Not to mention that I plan to buy more. I plan to ask for more. I plan to accumulate more. Which is why this really needs to happen.

So. Welcome to Ellie Downsizes Her Books. I hope you enjoy this magical adventure. Even though it is going to take me two years.

We now return to our scheduled programming, where Ellie sits at a laptop for five hours, types a few lines of a book review, then goes back to watching Ariel Bissett videos. 

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