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YA Book Prize 2017: Chasing The Stars

Chasing the Stars by Malorie Blackman


Before I begin – I really, genuinely adore Malorie Blackman. I love the Noughts and Crosses series, and I think her writing style is brilliant. I’ve even watched her on a panel at Hay Festival, back when she was Children’s Laureate.

However – I did not like Chasing the Stars. It was my first DNF of 2017. And I have reasons as to why.

It might be better to start off with what I did like: the writing. I love Malorie, and I love her writing. That’s just a given. Also, the basic premise is really interesting – I heard it being marketed as a ‘dystopian Othello’, which piqued my interest.

Okay. Now onto the other stuff.

First of all – that damn instalove. Literally from chapter three. It made my skin just… Crawl. I didn’t like it at all. It seemed childish and really didn’t sit well with me. Like, these two people had just met each other. It felt like the story was being written by a five-year-old.

Now we move onto the multiple POV problem. Normally, I’m okay with this, but it definitely adds a layer of confusion to an otherwise perfectly understandable story. And I just had no idea what was going on with the POVs in this one. There was too much info dumping and too many characters, and I just… Noped.

The dialogue was really wooden and didn’t seem formatted all that well, and Aidan was a little obsessive over his twin… Well, more than a little. It creeped me out.

Overall, this wasn’t worth finishing, I DNFed at about 160 pages.

I’m sorry, Malorie. But this is not your greatest (understatement) book yet.

1 star.

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