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Writing Every Day – 10/10/16

While I’m attempting to get some better writing stuff off the ground in between my frantic revision and my desperate attempts to get back on top of my workload, have this. I wrote this back in October, when I did a thing where I’d write every day. I thought this was interesting, even if it is very short, and I honestly don’t have the time to get another book review out anytime soon. So, while I’m recuperating, have this piece of writing.

Interested in why I’m not on top of my blogging game? I’ll write a post about that, soon…

“If you’d asked me this a month ago, I would never had said yes.”

But the truth was clear – I was desperate. But then again, wasn’t everyone at this point? Food was becoming more and more scarce as the weeks went on, especially as the monitors flickered and proclaimed that no, there was no escape to the outside. Not yet.

Call me a cynic if you like, but I was giving up hope. I’d lost everyone I’d ever cared about. I didn’t know whether I’d ever see my family and friends again. Were they even alive anymore? I couldn’t be sure. Because I was alone out here.

Maybe that’s why they asked me, of all people. I hadn’t even been taking scientific qualifications, I’d just been in the right place at the wrong time. And in all honestly, I had no idea what the job would entail.


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