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The Reviewing Reel: Anna and the French Kiss

My exams are almost over and I can smell summer on the breeze – finally! It must be that time of year when Ellie stays in bed for two solid months!

But seriously, it’s almost my summer holiday! Meaning I’ll have a whole lot more time to update and play around with this blog. I’ve even been getting a few review requests through, which is something I honestly thought would never, ever happen. 

Enjoy this review!


Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

I will be honest, right up front. I am ashamed to say that I bought this book brand new from Waterstones back in January. Brand new.

Can you guess the massive spoiler yet? No? Well, I hated this book.

I hated the characters, and the plot, and the male love interest, and everything just squicked me out. I’ll get into all the negatives in a little while, though (and before anyone viciously attacks me, I literally do not care how perfect Anna and St. Clair are together, I still hate this book).

What I did like: the writing, and the front cover. The UK edition is all pretty and pink, which I really love(d). Stephanie Perkins writes really well, I will give her that. She is a good writer, and she suits the YA genre perfectly.

However. I. Fucking. Detest. Anna.

She’s selfish, she basically condones St. Clair cheating on his girlfriend Ellie to be with her. She’s also a massive fucking hypocrite, and a really terrible friend. Also, *coughs* Mary Sue alert.

I don’t think she’s an overt Mary Sue, but she definitely fits the trope. For one thing, she has her own fucking film critic blog. Even though she doesn’t watch good films. And she’s basically just a spoilt American girl complaining because she’s in Paris. And she doesn’t want to enjoy herself, apparently. She only starts enjoying Paris when she meets St. Clair – a hot American boy with an English accent…

For some reason.

Did I mention how St. Clair had/has a girlfriend? Who actually seems lovely, but is written to seem like a terrible person? I loved the moment when Anna describes Ellie as ‘kinda plain’. Because it just proves how vain Anna is, and how Ellie managed to pull St. Clair for more than just her looks.

Because maybe she’s a decent person? And Anna’s just really terrible? #justiceforEllie.

Also, the fucking slut shaming. Just… I have no words. Stephanie Perkins, what have you done? You just proved the stereotype that all girls must be in competition with each other. Normal girls don’t treat each other like that.

I think my rant is over, at least for now. I hope you enjoyed this rant review. I did give this two stars because I liked the writing, but I still hate Anna with a fiery passion.

Ellie x

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