Goodreads Rhetoric

Alternative name: Ellie really really loves Goodreads and is way too competitive, then proceeds to ramble about Goodreads for an entire blog post to put off the fact that she’s had way too many emails from authors in the past two weeks to ever reply, let alone read the books of. 

Just a small mental breakdown, really. We will return to scheduled content soon.

Ahhh, Goodreads. The book lovers scourge and simultaneous best friend, the source of all juxtaposition in this world, no matter how much your teacher tries to tell you that Shakespeare created the English language itself.

I’m kidding. Don’t listen to my advice. I currently hold a GCSE (which is a low-level qualification) in English, no more. Listen to your teachers, get good grades, go to university. If you want to. But I digress.

Goodreads is something I never used to know how to use. Before I realised that a blog post was an art form, and I spammed meaningless posts onto my Blogspot (since deleted), my mum always used to tell me that I needed to publish my book reviews onto this curious internet entity, that lurked in the very corners of Google.

I’d posted a few reviews on Amazon, which had garnered at least one more thumbs up than thumbs down when added together. I think. So I decided to give Goodreads a try.

Guess who opened an account, and forgot their password after not logging in for a full six months?



But I really started to get into Goodreads-ing at the beginning of 2016, when I discovered the ‘Reading Challenge’ concept. Some people try not to stick to these, as it makes reading more of a chore, but it’s done wonders for the amounts of books I’m managing to get through each year.

Exhibit A: how many books I’ve read so far this year…

2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
Ellie has
read 114 books toward
her goal of
150 books.

114 books. More than I read in 12 months of 2016. True, I did actually try to revise for last year’s exams,  but still. Setting my reading goal higher makes me a better, more active reader, in all senses of the word.

I hope you enjoyed this somewhat meaningless word spew of knowledge. I will give you a book review soon, once I’ve got my life together.

I promise.

Ellie x

(screenshot of snarky review header not mine, I stole it from Google)

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