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BookTube-A-Thon Update – Day 4

Well, as I speak, today is Thursday 27th July, and it is almost half past 10 in the morning.

I have been awake for about two hours, and it suddenly hit me.

I have read nothing in the past four days. Nothing. At. All. Suddenly, my 7 book TBR seems to be a little bit ridiculous. And far too much for me to handle.

Well, when I say I’ve read nothing, I’ve read a few pages of my ebook arc Sovereign: Nemesis by April Daniels, and that’s it. Along with how much of Brave New World I got around to reading before this week began.

Honestly, I have no excuse. I’ve just been completely unmotivated, I’ve been binge watching YouTube and my historical drama series (The White Queen, based on the Philippa Gregory books The White Queen, The Red Queen and The Kingmaker’s Daughter – some of my favourite historical fiction novels, and an amazing TV show in its own right!), spending time with my boyfriend before he goes away for the summer tomorrow, and I just haven’t been reading.

So, do I plan to have an extraordinary comeback in the next three/four days? Honestly, not really. I’m going to try and get through three of the books on the TBR I set myself, hopefully NemesisBrave New World and either The Sky is Everywhere or She-Wolves based on what I’m feeling like reading after those two.

I am going to try and put some more book reviews up over the next few days, too, and I’m going to try and upload more regularly and frequently whilst my summer holiday goes on. Key word being try.

I hope you enjoyed this small, somewhat sad update on my experience thus far of the Booktube-A-Thon – if you know of any more Readathons going on this summer, let me know, I’d like to try and give one a go properly, especially as this one isn’t going to plan!

Ellie x

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