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Make Me Read It Read-a-Thon


It didn’t take long for Ellie to come back with another Readathon, now, did it?

But, honestly, I feel like this one will be a lot easier for me to complete, as I’m not going to set myself a long TBR, I’ll add at most three or four books, with the assumption that I’m only going for the first one or two.

This readathon is hosted by The Innocent Smiley, and it lasts from 6th August to 13th August – so it’s a week. It is an interactive readathon, too, so I’ll be setting up a Goodreads poll in the ‘Polls for our Souls’ group for people to vote on. If you got there through this post, let me know!

I’ll give you a list of about five to seven books that I really need to get read, and then you can vote on the one you think I really need to read. I have quite an eclectic reading taste so you might get a selection of books you don’t know anything about. Just a forewarning thing.

My poll can be found here, so please go check it out and vote for your favourite!

(will she manage it? Doubtful…)

Ellie x

4 thoughts on “Make Me Read It Read-a-Thon”

    1. Thank you! I’ve had ‘Girl on the Train’ for about a year or so now, just sitting on my bookshelf. I’m really excited to getting around to finally reading it! I’ll check out your readathon too, I hope it goes well for you!


    1. Thank you! I’m really looking forward to reading it. I voted for We Were Liars on yours – I hope you love that one, too, it’s one of my favourite books!


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