I have nothing else to post, rant

Things I Don’t Like That Most People (At Least Seem To) Do

(alternative title: I’m stressed right now and I want to rant about things that make me just a little controversial)

Things I Don’t Like

  • Hamilton: The Musical (the soundtrack makes me want to shoot myself in the head, I’m not interested in how the history is played out to make the people that killed the entire Native American society to look like good guys – when all they really were was racist, and they also set up a constitution that allowed both Donald Trump to become President and gun control to not be a thing. Yeah. Fuck you, Founding Fathers of America.)
  • Disney (and now I’m a social pariah. Sue me. I don’t like Disney. It’s formulaic, annoying, the songs are shit, they butcher the initial fairytales, Walt Disney was a misogynistic arsehole before he got cryogenically frozen, the fandom is obsessive to the point where I have had friends literally refusing to speak to me after I let them know how much I dislike Disney. I do like some films – Tangled, some Disney-Pixars and Brave – but the majority I inherently despise. Especially Frozen.)
  • Lorde (I just dislike her music. I’m sure she’s a lovely woman, and I would totally take her for a cheeky Nandos, but Royals is a really crappy song, and I don’t like her new album either. It’s just… No. Sorry, but her music is just not for me.)
  • Chinese Food (and now I’m a social pariah again. Sorry. I like being controversial. I just don’t like it. I can live with Sweet and Sour Chicken, but anything else is… Not something I want to be putting in my mouth. I could never go on Masterchef Australia, all they ever seem to cook at that place is fucking Chinese food.)
  • The Mortal Instruments (CASSANDRA CLARE IS A PLAGIARISING ARSEHOLE AND I DO NOT WANT TO SUPPORT HER AND HER WORK. Also, The Mortal Instruments is just kind of not good YA. It’s the shitty kind of YA.)

And there you have it. A list of things I don’t like that have just been on my mind lately. I hope you… Um, enjoy this…

1 thought on “Things I Don’t Like That Most People (At Least Seem To) Do”

  1. Yeah, I get into those ranting modes sometimes (especially listening to twilight fans at my school – there ARE many of them – saying how ‘hot’ that vampire is. Eurgh.). And I pretty much agree with you about the music thing – and HOW could I forget, CASSANDRA CLARE.


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