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Review: Clean by Juno Dawson

Clean by Juno Dawson


Date read: 5th February 2016 – 6th February 2017

Page count: 339

Genre: Young Adult contemporary

Format: Kindle Edition (arc from NetGalley)

Rating: 5/5

I received this arc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

One of the best things (in my opinion, at least) about reading is the ability to completely step into someone else’s shoes, wriggle around, feel about, and then go for a walk. You can visit places you may never go to otherwise, envisage fantasy worlds in your mind, and meet people who are long dead.

Contemporary books, especially contemporary YA, often take you to other completely different locations, but in a very different way. The young adult genre can help you understand something you don’t want to live through or push you into a different lifestyle that is totally alien from your own.

Clean is about getting clean from drug addiction, something I hope none of you have ever had to or will have to experience. And it’s heartwarming, heartwrenching, and so unobjectively real all the way through.

Lexi Volkov is the heiress to a massive company, daughter to divorced parents, brother to a guy who just wants to keep his sister alive, and girlfriend to a boy who is dragging her deeper and deeper into the clutches of drug addiction. Clean starts when Lexi overdoses, and almost kills herself. Her brother places her in a rehabilitation programme for young adults, and Lexi is left to deal with the consequences of her unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend Kurt, and her unhealthy relationship with drugs.

If you couldn’t tell already, this book really, really captured my heart. I love Juno Dawson with all of my heart, her books are brilliant, her writing is amazing, her story is inspiring. I don’t believe this is an Own Voices novel, but it is pretty well researched from what I could tell from the acknowledgements.

Lexi is such a funny, sarcastic main character to read from. You’re really thrown in at the deep end with her, too, so you have to learn more about herself, truly, as a person as the story goes on. Her relationship with her brother was fricking adorable, and the struggles she faces with her parents are probably relatable to a lot of people, heiresses or not.

Overall, I gave this book five stars out of five!

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