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So I (kind of) Met My Favourite Author Of All Time…

Possibly the only good thing that comes out of living in a small town in the Welsh marches is the Hay Festival, a book festival in Hay-on-Wye, which is only just over an hour’s drive from my home. I’ve gone pretty much every year since I was about eight (and probably before then too), and every year, I’ve seen an amazing selection of authors chat about their novels.

These include:

Malorie Blackman

Hari Kunzru

Patrick Ness

Holly Bourne

Holly Smale

Alison Weir

Alex Wheatle (I even got to interview him – one of the best experiences of my life so far!)

But this year, I possibly went to what was my most anticipated event of the entire decade. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I joined a crowd of excited under thirteens and their parents with my fifteen-year-old sister and my long-suffering boyfriend and went to see Derek Landy at Hay Festival 2018.

Derek Landy is the author of my favourite book series, Skulduggery Pleasant, and is therefore probably my favourite author of all time too. I’ve been a fan of the series since I was about 8, so that’s a whole ten years of dedication that I put in.

It was about time I found my way to an event to hear the Golden God himself speak, and by no means was it a disappointment. He started the entire hour off by threatening to throw a cork at us if we spoilt the latest book (which I can now officially say I have ordered, for collection at my local Waterstones on Monday – don’t kill me mum…), then saying he hadn’t scripted a thing.

I am a little disappointed I didn’t manage to get my twelve books strong first edition hardback collection of books signed by him, but buses called, and we had to walk through the rain to get back anyway. But he was amazing to listen to, and he was easily one of the most honest authors I’ve heard speak, too.

I am very glad I finally got to (kind of) meet the guy that has basically inspired me to write – at least with my ill-fated attempts of Skulduggery Pleasant/Harry Potter crossover fiction. Hopefully next time I’ll properly get to speak to him, and thank him for creating a world I’ve gotten lost in for over ten years, but for now, I’m happy to say, that I got to witness an angry Irishman berate a twelve-year-old for asking a question when he wasn’t supposed to ask one.


a slightly questionable photo of me standing on a giant blue A

Have you ever met your favourite author?

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