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Updates: aka, why I disappeared

If I could sum up the last quarter of my 2018 in one word it would be ‘crazy’.

When I started this blog back in 2016, I’d just completed my GCSEs, just started dating my first (and only) serious boyfriend, and hadn’t fully experienced the perilous joys of a night filled with apple sourz and dodgy dancing.

To put it simply, a lot has changed. But the biggest change, other than the obvious fact that I’m now quickly approaching 19, is that I’m now actually studying for a degree. 16 year old me would be quaking in her converse.

Yes, since I last updated this blog, I’ve moved from my small, slightly rural English town to the second biggest city in the entire UK, to embark on a three-year rollercoaster ride of drunkenness, essay writing and oversleeping for lectures. I’ve completed my entire first semester as I write this, so I decided to come back to this corner of my life, to attempt to rekindle my writing spirit and give my measly 120 followers something to read again.

I’m sure nobody’s actually that interested in my life story, so I’ll put that storytelling behind me. But simply, I’ve just been too busy to actually read anything past course texts in the past three months. I know. Blasphemy at its absolute worst. I even trundled 30-odd fiction reads up to university with me to entice me to read. It didn’t work.


But being home for Christmas has meant that I’ve successfully read three books in five days, returned to my long-neglected NetGalley account and placed my Kindle back on top of my ‘most important pieces of technology’ list. So hopefully this new lease of reading life will continue forward into 2019 and beyond, so my retail therapy can go back to being ebooks rather than pieces of Pusheen merchandise.

New obsessions aside (*cough* RIVERDALE *cough*), I’m actually going to go back to making an effort again. This blog has never been more than something I occasionally go to when I’m a little bored and want to show off to all my deadass Facebook friends that I’m doing something with my life that isn’t just going to work and occasionally attending my seminars.

It’s a testament to my narcissism that I’ve written this, pretending to myself that someone is actually going to read it.



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