Vegetarianism – the first four months!

Loaded vegan fries from The Warehouse Cafe, Digbeth

In late August 2019, I decided to go ahead and do what I’ve been wanting to do for many, many years. Until this time, I was either too young, too dependent on my family, or too flaky to really stick to my guns about what I wanted for myself and for my diet. But I’m almost twenty, living most of my time at university, and enjoying the wonders of a student budget. What better time is there?

  • a little note as to why ‘too young’ was an important point to bring up for me – ultimately I think very young children or teenagers can sometimes make decisions about their lifestyle and choice from being influenced by people around them, rather than having a clear cut reason for changing their lifestyle. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t consider your choices when you’re younger, not at all! I was personally just way too immature a few years ago.

I’ve been vegetarian for almost four months now, and I’m so excited to share my journey on here, because it’s something that matters so deeply to me. No meat, for four full months. To most people that doesn’t seem like much, but I’m so proud of myself for sticking with this.So many people have inspired me to go veggie, especially my lovely vegetarian best friend Anya, and my equally lovely vegan friend Hannah, who runs a blog all about her sustainable, vegan lifestyle! Check it out at The Sustainable Student!

Of course, it wasn’t just my friends who inspired me to change my diet, it was also my thoughts about the impact I have on the world around me. I’m a massive animal lover, I have been for all of my life, which is why being veggie has always been at the back of my mind.

Oscar, my boyfriend of 3 and a half years, at Cherry Reds cafe near Grand Central station with me, looking cute as ever

I’m so lucky that my boyfriend (bless him) also decided to go vegetarian at the same time as me, so we’re able to have long conversations about what foods we most miss, and how much easier it is to be a meat eater when eating out in restaurants!

I am pretty badly lactose intolerant, so most of the time my diet is vegan, along with some animal products such as eggs and honey. You couldn’t tell that from the times I let myself eat cheese though (let a girl have a guilty pleasure!). I’m also blessed that Birmingham is full of cute vegan and vegetarian eateries!

Another lovely meal at Cherry Reds… Vegan all day breakfast, anyone?

You might be wondering why I went veggie. The answer is simple, but twofold. Firstly, I don’t want to eat animals when I consider myself such a lover of them and find it so horrible when they’re hurt. Also, it’s so important to consider your impact on the environment in this day and age, especially as we try and fight this climate emergency.

This post is in no way meant to tell people how to live their lives, but this is just my personal experience of being vegetarian, and how happy I am with the decision I made four months ago. I’ve eaten fish a couple of times, just out of convenience, but I know how much I’m doing in every other respect is such a big leap for me.

Me and a couple other friends are planning to participate in a late Veganuary after the Christmas break, from mid-January to mid-February, and I’m really hoping that’ll show me that I’ll be able to be fully vegan in time.

Baby steps though. I don’t want to push myself too far too quickly, because although that works for many people, I know my limits!

Vegan pancakes with vegan bacon (‘facon’) at the Double Dutch Pancake House, York

I’m so happy with myself for achieving this, and I really hope I can let you all know how my late Veganuary went in a couple more months. But if there’s one thing I know now, it’s that I can do absolutely anything when I really set my mind to it!

Thank you so much to the University of Birmingham VegSoc for being so welcoming and supportive!

The featured photo was taken at Vegan Munch in Selly Oak, Birmingham! Such a lovely store, the photo is of their vegan nachos and their vegan NOTChicken seitan chicken nuggets!

By Ellie

metalhead, bibliophile, and lover of odd words. most often found with a pile of revision and a mess of used Doctor Who mugs.

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