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An Accumulated Book Haul – March 2018

As you may have been able to guess from my lack of posting recently, I have been hit hard by A levels in the past couple of weeks. The fact is, I'm facing three months of close to solid revision time, and this blog is going to have to come second to that. However, I… Continue reading An Accumulated Book Haul – March 2018

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Summer 2017 Book Haul

I haven't done a book haul in about a year and a half, so I thought I'd better catch up with all the (spoilers: too many) books I've spent my hard earned money on over the past few weeks. I have had quite an active few months of reading, so I felt like I deserved… Continue reading Summer 2017 Book Haul

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Birthday & March Book Haul 2017!

The month of March was a pretty hectic month for me - I turned seventeen (which means I can now legally learn to drive in the UK, which is where I live...), I've started having to think properly about my AS level exams and I have also bought a lot of books. Of course, it was also… Continue reading Birthday & March Book Haul 2017!

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Book Haul – January 2017 Edition

I... Oh god... This is in the rough order of when I got them; because honestly, I've brought so many over the past few weeks that I'm not entirely sure if this is in chronological order anymore... Trouble by Non Pratt I reviewed Non Pratt's other book Unboxed, and I said then that I really wanted… Continue reading Book Haul – January 2017 Edition

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Book Haul – Christmas 2016 Edition

American Gods by Neil Gaiman (Hardback)    This was from the British Library in London - I'm a massive fan of Neil Gaiman so I asked my grandparents if I could have it from them as my Christmas present. It's so beautiful, there are a whole bunch of illustrated Neil Gaiman stories on offer and I'm… Continue reading Book Haul – Christmas 2016 Edition