Today, I bring to you my reintroduction. A quick run down of who I am, what I stand for, and why I've chosen to come back to this blog. I had a dry reading spell for the first half of 2019, but it's picked up again since I came back from university for the summer.… Continue reading reintroduction

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Updates: aka, why I disappeared

If I could sum up the last quarter of my 2018 in one word it would be 'crazy'. When I started this blog back in 2016, I'd just completed my GCSEs, just started dating my first (and only) serious boyfriend, and hadn't fully experienced the perilous joys of a night filled with apple sourz and… Continue reading Updates: aka, why I disappeared

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BookTube-A-Thon Update – Day 4

Well, as I speak, today is Thursday 27th July, and it is almost half past 10 in the morning. I have been awake for about two hours, and it suddenly hit me. I have read nothing in the past four days. Nothing. At. All. Suddenly, my 7 book TBR seems to be a little bit ridiculous. And far too… Continue reading BookTube-A-Thon Update – Day 4

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Writing Every Day – 10/10/16

While I'm attempting to get some better writing stuff off the ground in between my frantic revision and my desperate attempts to get back on top of my workload, have this. I wrote this back in October, when I did a thing where I'd write every day. I thought this was interesting, even if it… Continue reading Writing Every Day – 10/10/16

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What happened in 2016? I got a boyfriend (Context: he's great, he's also probably reading this. Hi, by the way. Go do your school work, damn you) I did my GCSEs (Thank fuck) I'm in sixth form (Aka a hell hole that I'll probably never recover from. Have had seventeen meltdowns already. It's going fine) I did… Continue reading 2017…

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Missing Out The Elephant In The Room

I've decided that I really, really hate college. And not because of the work, either. In fact I rather like that, it's not too arduous and although I get far too much, it's somewhat fun. It's more that I feel like I'm being constantly told that I need to be a 'mature, responsible adult' by now. Everyone… Continue reading Missing Out The Elephant In The Room

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And So It Begins…

November means: National Novel Writing Month! Yes, I have begun my novel writing. Yes, I am already late, especially considering that I took a day off college today due to a slight cold thats knocked me down more than it should have. Although, I am already 2,025 words in (and pending!), so it's not going… Continue reading And So It Begins…

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Emma Blackery Live

Finally. Last night (or last night on the day I'm writing this, which is 27th October 2016), I saw Emma Blackery live at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, which was just as bloody amazing as it sounds. It was quite small, which is good considering that it was my first concert and I was very… Continue reading Emma Blackery Live

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The Concept of ‘Clever’

I've had one common goal throughout my time in education. Ever since I could read and write, count up to ten and recite my 3 times table, I've been desperate to enter a high level, high ranking university. When I was five, I decided that I wanted to be a teacher, and had my sights… Continue reading The Concept of ‘Clever’