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So I (kind of) Met My Favourite Author Of All Time…

Possibly the only good thing that comes out of living in a small town in the Welsh marches is the Hay Festival, a book festival in Hay-on-Wye, which is only just over an hour's drive from my home. I've gone pretty much every year since I was about eight (and probably before then too), and… Continue reading So I (kind of) Met My Favourite Author Of All Time…

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OPINION: Monarchy Schmonarchy

Welcome to Britain - a country renowned for its fish and chips, colonialism, football hooliganism, and, of course, our monarchy. As a long-term resident of this tiny little island, I have a lot of opinions on the things that have been going on recently here (don't get me started on the Brexit vote...), and I like… Continue reading OPINION: Monarchy Schmonarchy

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I spend my Saturday mornings, before I leave for work, with a cup of tea and my phone, scrolling through the bookstagram accounts I follow. It's pretty relaxing, seeing the countless photos of multicoloured bookshelves and immaculate covers, as well as vintage collections of Sylvia Plath poetry and the occasional picture of a cat. But… Continue reading #kindlesaren’tdead

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Sexual Abuse in the Publishing Industry

This might not come as news to a lot of you, and I'm sure some of you have even covered this yourself, either in talking to people or in your own posts, but it was recently alleged that James Dashner sexually harassed, groomed and gaslighted a series of people (of whom we don't know the… Continue reading Sexual Abuse in the Publishing Industry

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My Experience of Applying For Oxford University: The Decision

A disclaimer: this is not a guide on how to apply for Oxbridge. Hell, I don't even know how to apply to Oxbridge, I'm still trying to figure it out. If you'd like to hear a little more about the process, rather than just reading my prose about it, then feel free to leave a… Continue reading My Experience of Applying For Oxford University: The Decision


Goodreads Rhetoric

Alternative name: Ellie really really loves Goodreads and is way too competitive, then proceeds to ramble about Goodreads for an entire blog post to put off the fact that she's had way too many emails from authors in the past two weeks to ever reply, let alone read the books of.  Just a small mental… Continue reading Goodreads Rhetoric

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Writing Every Day – 10/10/16

While I'm attempting to get some better writing stuff off the ground in between my frantic revision and my desperate attempts to get back on top of my workload, have this. I wrote this back in October, when I did a thing where I'd write every day. I thought this was interesting, even if it… Continue reading Writing Every Day – 10/10/16

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Feminist Feelings: Body Positivity

I write my best work in the wee hours of the morning, which doesn’t bode well for my time in sixth form, but you have to suffer for your hobbies. I’ve been reading ‘Girl Up’ by Laura Bates (which is an excellent feminist work, I really recommend it. I particularly enjoyed the dancing vaginas on… Continue reading Feminist Feelings: Body Positivity

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That Green Gentleman

I've had something on my mind recently, a weight I just can't shake, like a snake that's sunk its fangs into my spine. Envy. Jealousy. Subtly different words that apply to every person in the world. I fall foul of them more than I should, to the extent where it just makes me look like… Continue reading That Green Gentleman