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Fifteen-Year-Old Logic

(Disclaimer: this story is not based on personal experience) When I was fifteen, I decided that I wasn’t straight. Just like that, lying in bed, staring up the ceiling, headphones covering my ears like pop punk ear muffs that were trying too hard to be edgy and cool with their sellotaped together, scene grunge look.… Continue reading Fifteen-Year-Old Logic



Yes, that is a word that I just made up. I just Googled it, to check if it was a certified Oxford English Dictionary definition, but nothing came up. This proves that I am creative and willing to put my entire (fictional) writing career on the line for one, tiny, little made up word. Empathetication… Continue reading Empathitication

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And So It Begins…

November means: National Novel Writing Month! Yes, I have begun my novel writing. Yes, I am already late, especially considering that I took a day off college today due to a slight cold thats knocked me down more than it should have. Although, I am already 2,025 words in (and pending!), so it's not going… Continue reading And So It Begins…



16:32 There's something slightly weird with a school in the late afternoon, everything's very isolated and desolate, and way too clean and tidy for tables with are normally laden with pieces of paper and books about biology. There's also only the minimalist level of chatter, with maybe only a few discussions going on between the… Continue reading Overthink

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Pun, Pun Pun…

A collection of my best and most creative puns, with no context, as of October 2016. We should be calling Macbeth 'The Scottish Play', and it's Macbest to leave it that way. Scotty, bean me up! You are now Exetering Exeter I can't quite beach it, it's that salt of day. I'll let it ventrickle… Continue reading Pun, Pun Pun…

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National Novel Writing Month – How To Not Fail

The title of this post may seem a little ambiguous, but I don't want to pretend that I'll be guiding you in your quest to finally write that bestselling novel, or that short story that boosts you into the public eyes. I'm nowhere near qualified to claim those things, so such a post would be… Continue reading National Novel Writing Month – How To Not Fail

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Untitled – 11/9/16

She was a Lego girl, made of building blocks and the fumbling fingers of small children, tripping over words and colours and giggles. The bricks are only as strong as the people that put them together, the words given out and the blows dealt. The cracks were starting to show, but she hid them from… Continue reading Untitled – 11/9/16


I Can’t – 11/9/16

"It's simple. I can't." A raised eyebrow, a slight twitch at the corner of the mouth. They sighed heavily, shaking their head before their hands snapped the folder shut, the sound of metal clinking against metal ringing in his ears. "I don't think you understand," they said, again, in a menacingly quiet tone. "This isn't… Continue reading I Can’t – 11/9/16