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Books I Want To Read In 2018

I managed to meet my 2017 Goodreads Reading Challenge! I've read about eleven books in my Christmas holidays, at least so far - although I do only have two days left until I have to go back to sixth form. I'm still not entirely sure as to how I managed to read 202 books in… Continue reading Books I Want To Read In 2018


This Year in Retrospect

2017 has been an interesting year for me - it by no means has been great, but it's mostly from decisions I made myself to make my own future better than it is right now. Some aspects of my year have been too personal to share on here, but I wanted to share some things… Continue reading This Year in Retrospect

I have nothing else to post, update


What happened in 2016? I got a boyfriend (Context: he's great, he's also probably reading this. Hi, by the way. Go do your school work, damn you) I did my GCSEs (Thank fuck) I'm in sixth form (Aka a hell hole that I'll probably never recover from. Have had seventeen meltdowns already. It's going fine) I did… Continue reading 2017…