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Untitled – 11/9/16

She was a Lego girl, made of building blocks and the fumbling fingers of small children, tripping over words and colours and giggles. The bricks are only as strong as the people that put them together, the words given out and the blows dealt. The cracks were starting to show, but she hid them from… Continue reading Untitled – 11/9/16

Short Stories

5/8/16 – A Song For Someone

The clock read 05:34, the digits sending a dark red glow through the otherwise pitch black room. Jace groaned, turning over and burying his head in his pillow, closing his eyes again and trying to block the light out. Too early. Why was he even awake at this time? Now he'd opened his eyes, his… Continue reading 5/8/16 – A Song For Someone