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YA Book Prize 2017: Chasing The Stars

Chasing the Stars by Malorie Blackman Before I begin - I really, genuinely adore Malorie Blackman. I love the Noughts and Crosses series, and I think her writing style is brilliant. I've even watched her on a panel at Hay Festival, back when she was Children's Laureate. However - I did not like Chasing the Stars. It was my… Continue reading YA Book Prize 2017: Chasing The Stars

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The LGBTQuibble – Carry On

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell This review will contain spoilers! Also - gay, but I think if you're on my blog you're okay with all this gay. So, The LGBTQuibble returns to fight another day... First of all- this book is beautiful. It's truly one of the most lovely things I've ever seen. I loved… Continue reading The LGBTQuibble – Carry On