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The Reviewing Reel: Fever

Fever by Dee Schulman - I own this book in paperback I fucking despised this book. And I'm not afraid to say it. This book was a pile of fucking shite. I got it back when it was first released, in 2012, as part of a magazine subscription I had to Puffin Books (which was ace, by the… Continue reading The Reviewing Reel: Fever

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5 Reasons Why Christmas Is Great

THE FOOD Of course, Christmas isn't complete without a full spread of cuisine. Where I live - in England - our choice is turkey, which I don't completely understand. I'm not turkey's biggest fan (but I like the country), but everything else is just... Yes. The food is wholeheartedly one of the most important and… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Christmas Is Great


September Music

Am I Pretty? by The Maine Crucify Me by Bring Me The Horizon Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis I Fought The Law by Dead Kennedys War by Sum 41 Bullet by Hollywood Undead Dirty Paws by Of Monsters And Men Reapers by Muse Bang Bang by Green Day Sins Of My Youth by… Continue reading September Music