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The Reviewing Reel: Anna and the French Kiss

My exams are almost over and I can smell summer on the breeze - finally! It must be that time of year when Ellie stays in bed for two solid months! But seriously, it's almost my summer holiday! Meaning I'll have a whole lot more time to update and play around with this blog. I've… Continue reading The Reviewing Reel: Anna and the French Kiss

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The A.

When you look at the acronym LGBTQIA, you know what all of those initials mean, right? Well, maybe you think you do. And maybe you're right. But I just want to go through it with you, just in case you have any misunderstanding. L stands for Lesbian. That's quite well known, maybe for the wrong reasons, but it's… Continue reading The A.

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The Concept of ‘Clever’

I've had one common goal throughout my time in education. Ever since I could read and write, count up to ten and recite my 3 times table, I've been desperate to enter a high level, high ranking university. When I was five, I decided that I wanted to be a teacher, and had my sights… Continue reading The Concept of ‘Clever’