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BookTube-A-Thon Update – Day 4

Well, as I speak, today is Thursday 27th July, and it is almost half past 10 in the morning. I have been awake for about two hours, and it suddenly hit me. I have read nothing in the past four days. Nothing. At. All. Suddenly, my 7 book TBR seems to be a little bit ridiculous. And far too… Continue reading BookTube-A-Thon Update – Day 4

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That Green Gentleman

I've had something on my mind recently, a weight I just can't shake, like a snake that's sunk its fangs into my spine. Envy. Jealousy. Subtly different words that apply to every person in the world. I fall foul of them more than I should, to the extent where it just makes me look like… Continue reading That Green Gentleman


I’ve Got 99 Problems And Books Are Almost All Of Them (But I’m Only Listing Seven So You Don’t Hate Me)

I have to self-impose book buying bans. And even then, they don't work. I did a book haul about two weeks ago, which consisted of about fifteen books. Due to limited space, I promised I wouldn't be buying any more books until after my birthday in March. And I got two more literally the day after… Continue reading I’ve Got 99 Problems And Books Are Almost All Of Them (But I’m Only Listing Seven So You Don’t Hate Me)

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What to do when you’re expecting certain doom – a guide by an Anxious Sixthformer

Option One: Panic If you're British, you'll doubtless know the mantra 'Keep Calm and Carry On'. I have no idea where this came from, but it's become a cultural phenomenon. However, it's a little inaccurate. If you're presented with a challenging situation, then you normally just end up swearing. And, occasionally, getting increasingly fed up… Continue reading What to do when you’re expecting certain doom – a guide by an Anxious Sixthformer

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What happened in 2016? I got a boyfriend (Context: he's great, he's also probably reading this. Hi, by the way. Go do your school work, damn you) I did my GCSEs (Thank fuck) I'm in sixth form (Aka a hell hole that I'll probably never recover from. Have had seventeen meltdowns already. It's going fine) I did… Continue reading 2017…

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The Concept of ‘Clever’

I've had one common goal throughout my time in education. Ever since I could read and write, count up to ten and recite my 3 times table, I've been desperate to enter a high level, high ranking university. When I was five, I decided that I wanted to be a teacher, and had my sights… Continue reading The Concept of ‘Clever’

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Reminiscent Of A Different Time

I saw my old best friend today. We were close from when we were three until when we were nine, and then slowly drifted into the space of 'just a friend' and then into 'just a nothing'. I moved schools, then I moved towns, and then everything didn't fit anymore. But I saw her again… Continue reading Reminiscent Of A Different Time

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National Novel Writing Month – How To Not Fail

The title of this post may seem a little ambiguous, but I don't want to pretend that I'll be guiding you in your quest to finally write that bestselling novel, or that short story that boosts you into the public eyes. I'm nowhere near qualified to claim those things, so such a post would be… Continue reading National Novel Writing Month – How To Not Fail



Where the hell did August go? That was a rhetorical question, by the way. I know the answer, really. But it's not like I haven't done anything with my summer this time around - in fact I spent an uncharacteristic amount of time outside with friends and family this year (although after summer 2015, anything could… Continue reading Septemblurgh